Saturday, 30 April 2011


My recent reading of Shannon Hale's Austenland brought to mind a special class my Jane Austen professor holds every year at the end of the fall semester. Rather than spending time discussing a reading, she has each student search for Austen inspired items, gifts, and gadgets to present to the rest of the class. The title of this project is Austenmania, and its purpose is largely to draw attention to the commodification of Jane Austen herself. Some of the items that were displayed were absolutely ridiculous, ranging from a Pride and Prejudice perfume to a thong with an image of Austen's face on it! Austenmania was so much fun that I thought I would share some of the Austen items that were shared that day, as well as some of the ones I have come across on my own!

Jane Austen the Action Figure!
Never fear...Jane Austen is here! Own an action figure that changed history! Jane Austen will save the day battling evil with the power of her wit and writing quill!

Jane Austen Perfume
Did you ever wish to smell like one of your favourite Austen characters? Now you can with the Jane Austen perfume collection! Consisting of scents like Longbourn (Pride and Prejudice) and Matchmaker (Emma), these perfumes make the perfect gift for any Austen fans! Even Mr. Darcy could not resist!

Jane Austen Video Game: Matches and Matrimony
Austen's literary world is now available in the form of a computer game! Combining the plots of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion, "Matches and Matrimony" allows players to twist the story through the choices that they make throughout the game.

Jane Austen Drinking Game
This is my personal favourite! Developed by Mostly Water Theatre, the Jane Austen drinking game is to be played while watching a film version of one of Austen's novels. Throughout the movie, players must take a drink for various actions that occur on screen such as: One drink for mention of an inadequate dowry, three drinks if a man kisses a woman on the hand, ect. 


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