Friday, 22 April 2011

A New Chapter in My Life...

This week I finally received the good news that I have anxiously been anticipating for over three months now... I've been accepted to complete my Masters in Information and Library Science at Western University in September!!! Becoming a librarian has been my dream for over two years, and now I am a step closer to the career that I have always hoped of having! What better job could there possibly be that pays me to support and encourage my love affair with reading!?

Now I realize that being a librarian is not always the most glamorous of jobs, as I worked as a part-time circulation clerk at my local library for over five years. Librarians have to deal with cranky patrons, screaming children, and technological meltdowns on a daily basis. I even remember one day while at work when a mentally unstable man stalked me around the library, reeking of alcohol and lecturing me about monogamy. Let me just say it was not a very enjoyable experience!

Most of the days I spent working at the library as a student, however, I found to be both fulfilling and pleasant. There is nothing better than being able to help someone find the information that they have been desperately searching for, or having someone tell you that they absolutely loved the book you recommended to them the last week. While I'm currently undecided about focusing my studies on academic or children's librarianship, I do know that doing my Masters in Information and Library Science is defiantly the right choice for me! As I prepare to begin this new chapter in my life, I can't help but be excited for whatever the future may hold for me!

Ps. Anyone know of someone who needs a roommate at Western lol?


T.B. said...

Wow congrats! That's awesome that you'll be pursuing your dream job! Haha, how awkward and weird that must have been having that man stalk you around the library! Again, congrats!

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