Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (3): Anno Dracula

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine :)

England 1888. After defeating Helsing and his friends,  Count Dracula marries Queen Victoria, ushering in a period of increasing vampire domination. The streets of London at night are overrun  by gangs of vampires on the prowl and  prostitutes-vampires who lure customers in exchange for a pint of blood. In the shadows of this metropolis is a cold-blooded murder who kills young women, calling himself Jack the Ripper ... Charles Beauregard, special agent employed by the mysterious Diogenes Club, and Geneviève Dieudonné, a vampire opposed to the Count of Transylvania, join forces to hunt down the perpetrator of these heinous crimes, which threaten to subvert the social order giving rise to a surprising world, where the live and undead co-exist and the law of Dracula has supplanted the rules of civilization

I recently took an English class that focused on adaptations of the Victorian period and Steampunk, so when a friend of mine showed me this book I was immediately interested. I found it especially amusing that the novel focuses on a world where Dracula has become married to Queen Victoria. While Anno Dracula has in fact already been published back in 1992, it has been out of print for over five years now making it impossible to find a copy. I was happy to discover recently, however, that Anno Dracula is set to be republished for May 30th! Not only are they redoing the cover, but the author has also added more historical details to the new publishing! I can't wait to see how Kim Newman has blended elements of fiction and history together to create this novel which reminds me very much of the steampunk genre.


Chelsey said...

Omg lol so weird! I just wrote a huge steampunk post! I had no idea what it was until last night lol. I love this synopsis! You always have such neat ideas ;). I will definitely put this on my to-read list too lol. How original! This steampunk thing is kind of blowing my mind lol. Check out the book Corsets and Clockwork (which got me started on this steampunk research) .. it may be right up your alley ..and the cover is beyond beautiful =).

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

This does sound awesome! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

Lea said...
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Lea said...

Hi Natalie,

I have yet to read a book that falls into the genre of "steampunk," but I cannot wait to!! I also love the Victorian Era and have always been intrigued by that way of life, and I think I could really get into the whole futuristic-Victorian thing :)

Thanks for sharing, this book sounds like a real trip ;)

Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

My anxious life said...

I totally put this on my TBR pile!!! It really does seem interesting! !

New Follower


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