Friday, 20 May 2011

I got to meet Veronica Roth and Lauren Oliver!!

So as the title of this posting so subtly claims, I had 
Veronica Roth and I
the amazing opportunity to meet Veronica Roth (author of Divergent) and Lauren Oliver (author of Delirium) when they stopped by the Chapters in Brampton last night as part of their Dystopian book tour! Needless to say I was ecstatic! I’ve only ever met one other author in person before, which was Jean Little back when I was 11 years old.

Both Veronica and Lauren discussed their upcoming projects, shared their experiences in the publishing world, and gave us an opportunity for some questions and answers. At one point, they even performed some of their hidden talents for the crowd that was gathered, which included Lauren Oliver singing songs from The Little Mermaid and Veronica Roth making a giant paper hat!

As I’m sure some of you might be interested in what both Lauren and Veronica discussed last night I’ve attempted to condense part of their conversation into the following points below:
- Lauren Oliver has already finished writing the sequel to Delirium and is currently halfway through the final book in the trilogy.
- Veronica Roth is currently editing her rough draft of the sequel to Divergent, which should be published in May of 2012.
- Delirium is currently in production to be turned into a movie! They have already formed a script and will begin working on casting soon! Her novel, Before I Fall, has also had the rights to be turned into a film sold to Fox 2000.
- Divergent also has plans to be turned into a movie! The rights to the book were sold to Summit Entertainment about a week ago!
- *Spoiler Alert* - After being worn down by a group of girls in the crowd who wanted to know if Alex would live or die, Lauren Oliver let it slip that readers won’t know about what happens to him until the last chapter of the second book!

Lauren Oliver and I
Both authors were really interesting to listen to, especially when conversation turned to their individual writing techniques and styles. While Lauren admitted that she cannot write without going through an intense outlining process, Veronica stated that she tends to write as the ideas come to her mind. Interestingly enough, I found out that Lauren Oliver actually wrote her first novel, Before I Fall, on her blackberry each day while taking the subway home! Although Lauren and Veronica’s styles and methods of writing are different, they both recognized that in order to become a good writer, writing has to become an aspect of your daily life. This is something that I completely agree with, and is one of the main reasons that I started this blog to begin with!

Tom and I waiting to get my books signed
Overall, the book signing was a complete success in my opinion! Everyone in the crowd really seemed to enjoy everything that Lauren and Veronica talked about, and even my poor boyfriend (who I guilted into driving me the hour and a half journey) admitted to having a good time. The only bad thing about going last night was that it intensified my anxiety to read the next books after Divergent and Delirium, which won’t be available for at least a year! Oh well, at least I now have my signed copies sitting in a place of honour on my bookshelf to read again if the anticipation becomes too much! 


My anxious life said...

AMAZING! I just met my first author a week ago! Charlaine Harris!

I hope to go to more book signings now. I have been keeping an eye out in the Denver area for someone I am interested in! I had to go by myself because you couldn't get in the room without a ticket. And you weren't allowed to take a picture with Charlaine either (a posing picture). But it was still fun!


XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

Jacquelynne.Marie said...

I feel like I was there :) hehehe. Great update and I love the photo's, hehehe. I cant wait to put my signed copy on its rightful place of honor as well, lol :P

Chelsey said...

That was so great to read! Sounds like you had such a great time!!!

T.B. said...

Wow! That's so cool that you got to meet the two of them! Haha, I'm so jealous :) That's great that you had such a fun time, and thanks for sharing!

danya said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and nice to find another Canadian book blogger! Looks like you had a blast at the signing, you Ontario readers are lucky :P I think Before I Fall has the potential to be an awesome movie (a la Groundhog Day, which I really enjoyed).

Steph said...

You're so lucky to meet those authors!! I wish some great authors came to my city :(

hypermak said...

I am soooo jealous! I wish I met Lauren Oliver!

Erika said...

I was there too and actually I think I was sitting right behind you. So much fun!

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