Saturday, 7 May 2011

Movie Review: Adaptation of Something Borrowed

When it comes to adaptations of my favourite novels, I am often a hard viewer to please. I can't even begin to count the number of times I have left the movie theatre disappointed and angered over the changes or omissions to the plot made in the decision process by the director. As a result, when I first heard that Emily Giffin's novel Something Borrowed was being adapted into film, I was excited but also wary.

When I went to the theatre last night to see the movie with some of my friends, I was happy to discover that director Luke Greenfield had done an excellent job at interpreting Something Borrowed to the big screen! While I haven't read the novel in years, the plot of the film seemed to follow that of the novel very closely (at least from what I can remember!). I also loved how Emily Giffin herself had a cameo role in the film as an extra reading her own book on a bench!

Some critics I've read online have made the point that those who are not familiar with the novel may have a difficult time understanding the complex relationship between Rachel, Darcy, and Dex. While I can kind of see their point at some parts of the film, one of my friends who went with me has never read Something Borrowed and still enjoyed the movie.

Other more harsh critics who have said that Something Borrowed was neither romantic or comedic were also far from the mark. Although some parts of the drama between Dex and Rachel seemed a little slow at times, this was quickly remedied by the comedic relief provided through the characters of Ethan and Marcus.

The casting of Something Borrowed, was in fact the best aspect of the overall film! In my opinion, John Krasinski stole the show as Ethan! I really hope that they decide to film the second novel, just so that I can see him in that role again! Steve Howey from the television show Reba was also hilarious as Marcus. While his character was more comedic then I remember him being in the novel, I didn't mind because he was just so funny!

Overall I really enjoyed this adaptation of Something Borrowed! I think the critics may have been a little more harsh on this film then they needed to be, and that some of the low ratings it has recived should be ignored by those who are fans of the novel. My fingers are crossed that Something Blue will soon be in production!

Rating 4/5 Stars


KThomas5 said...

Oh I liked this a lot being as I am a huge fan of the book! The only issue I had is that Ethan's Character isn't actually present with the girls, he is in London, in the book, but whatever.. I still cannot wait to see it

Yaseena said...

OHH I absolutely adored this novel. I think I've read it over 5 times (possibly not something I should admit too lol) but I was worried that the movie wouldn't relate the book well enough. I think the character I found was the best casting was Ethan. I love John Krasinki, he's so adorable. Hopefully when I actually get around to seeing this one I'll like it as much as you did :)

Sara Bell said...

I am so happy you blogged this! I just saw it today and was excited about that part too so I blogged about it and snagged this photo from you and linked to your blog. =]

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