Saturday, 28 May 2011

Over 50 followers!?!

I can't seem to believe my eyes! Somewhere between Thursday and this afternoon my blog broke the 50 follower mark! When I first started Browsing Bookshelves only two short months ago I never expected to get over 3 followers, let alone 51! While I know that many bloggers out there have much more than 50 people following their blogs, I can't help but feel both excited and honoured for having so many wonderful individuals take the time to see what little old me has to say.

So, I guess the whole point of this short post is to say thank you to all of my fellow bloggers out there who have made the decision to follow me so far! I really appreciate all of your support and the encouraging comments that I receive on many of my postings! I know many bloggers do giveaways when they reach certain milestones such as this. At the moment, I don't have anything really worth doing a giveaway for, but when I do I will certainly post about it right away!

Love you all,



Erika said...

I was the 51st! I found you through Lauren Oliver's post. Maybe other people are too? Your blog looks so pretty and down-to-earth. I really like that :D

Erika said...

And congrats!

Loren Chase said...

Congratulations! I love milestones like this! They always feel really good ;) Have a great weekend!


Orchid said...

Awe, congrats on breaking 50 followers!!!!! You have a very nice blog. :)

The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Bekka said...

Congrats! I'm happy to be part of the 50!

Honey said...

Yeahh! Congrats! Sending you some mad fellow Canadian blogger love <3

T.B. said...

Yay! Congrats on reaching 50 followers! So glad to be a part of your blog :)

My anxious life said...

Congrats!!!!!!! I love being part of your 50 followers!!!


Shirley said...

Congratulations! That is excellent for two months of blogging! Welcome to the blogging world of books!

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