Friday, 3 June 2011

Mailmen Kickass!

This morning I woke up to some rather shocking news....workers at Canada post have started a rotating strike which began in Winnipeg yesterday and has moved over to Hamilton today. As I sat eating my breakfast I began to feel myself slightly panicking. What will happen to my mail? What if someone sends me something important and I don't get it for another two weeks now? As these scattered thoughts raced through my brain I suddenly realized how absurd I sounded. Since when do I get any mail? Sure I receive the occasional birthday card or flyer, but not even my bills come in the mail anymore. I can't honestly remember the last time I received an actual letter from someone that was delivered by a mailman!

Sad as it may seem, it appears to me as if the internet and email has moved in to replace the very intimate and personal form of letter writing. Whenever I read some of my favourite Victorian novels, like Pride and Prejudice, I am always struck by the great importance that letters play in the formation of the plot. Would it be nearly as romantic if Mr. Darcy had emailed Elizabeth regarding his behaviour rather than slipping her his lengthly note during her walk in the gardens? 

In my opinion, taking the time to handwrite a letter has always seemed to be one of the most romantic gestures a man can make. While I'm sure many people out there have written sentimental or romantic emails to their loved ones, the format just doesn't seem as personal to me. Emails are easily deleted, and how often does one actually print out them out to save for the future? Unlike emails, I always save every letter that has been sent to me since I was old enough to read!

So I guess what I'm trying to get at in this post is that while I may feel slightly inconvenienced during this mail strike, I fully support the message which Canada Post is sending to both the government and Canadian citizens! With the increase fall in mail volume due to the internet, the job security of postal workers is being threatened. I myself would sorely miss the excitement of checking the mailbox everyday (even if it is just for the occasional birthday card and flyer), and could not imagine a world dominated by email rather than letters. 

Having dwelled upon the domination of the internet over the mailman, I am also personally vowing to spend more time sending handwritten letters and less time emailing. While I'll admit that emails are convenient due to their speed and lack of cost, I think the art of letter writing is something that should be rescued from the brink of extinction due to the feelings of intimacy which they evoke. With that being said, I guess I better head down to my local post office and pick up some stamps! 


Chelsey said...

This is fantastic! I LOVE mail! I always ask people if we can write letters lol .. very few people do!
The strike will affect one thing though.. book orders!! Oh no!! But like you said, thye have a right to strike and so they should!
Great post =)

Jenny said...

Agreed, agreed. I never get anything in the mail either and there's always that twinge of regret about it.

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