Thursday, 23 June 2011

Neil Gaiman's American Gods to Become an HBO Series!!!

So I found out online today that Neil Gaiman's amazing book American Gods is set to become an HBO series!!! For those of you unfamiliar with Neil Gaiman, this is not the first of his books to be adapted. His novels Stardust and Coraline were also made into movies over the past 3 years, which met with huge success at the box offices. He not only writes books, but also graphic novels, and is also well known for his Sandman series.

I am excited on so many levels about this announcement!!! First of all American Gods was such an incredible read! The plot focuses on an ex-convict named Shadow who becomes mixed up in a war that is brewing between the ancient gods (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Noridic, ect.) and the new American gods (gods of the internet, television, credit cards ect.). In the America which Gaiman creates, the power of gods is based on the amount of people who believe and worship them. This balance of power causes many of the American gods to demand more respect from the older gods, who are beginning to be forgotten in the minds of humanity. Needless to say, an epic battle insues with tons of amazing action and side plots! 

I am also super excited about this adaptation of Gaiman's novel as HBO has a history of turning out absolutely outstanding television series! With the recent success of Game of Thrones, I can only imagine what level of amazingness HBO can bring to American Gods! The series is set to have 6 seasons, with Neil Gaiman on board as one of the show's main writers! Although it isn't set to air on television until 2013, I think the wait will be worth it! I can't wait to hear who they will be casting as the main characters, especially Shadow, Mr. Wendesday, and Anansi! 

What do you guys think about HBO taking on American Gods? Are there any actors that you would particularly like to see as certain characters??


Jenny said...

I hadn't even heard of this book by Gaiman. His stuff is hit and miss with me. I loved The Graveyard Book and Nerverwhere but didn't like Stardust. It sounds really good, though, and HBO does do a great job with adaptions. Now I'll be checking out the book.

Chelsey said...

Ooooooo!! I have this book sitting on my shelf but I haven't read it yet! I will have to pick it up =).

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