Saturday, 4 June 2011

Library Booth?

So no book reviews or ramblings from me today...but I did want to share some slightly funny pictures which are book related with you! 
An awesome way to re-use old envelopes to make bookmarks! The writing on this particular one is especially fitting...I fall asleep reading all the time!! 
The Library Booth in Westbury, England. Its a free book exchange! Take any book you want and leave one of your own behind! Such a fabulous idea!!

The Bookmobile Bike: why don't we have one of these where I live???


Jenny said...

These are great! I love the book exchange idea and the bookmark was hilarious. Thanks for the smile.

Loren Chase said...

I loved the bookmark idea! (I actually just tried it out with a few envelopes and it works perfectly!) And those library exchange stations are awesome! We actually have one in my apartment in the laundry room, you leave books and can take whatever you want! I've gotten a lot of books and new magazines that way! Great post! ;)


ani said...

I love the bookmark haha!

T.B. said...

Haha, oh my gosh all of those picks are awesome! I especially love the bookmark, because I always fall asleep when I'm reading really late at night :) The library booth and the bookmobile bike look awesome as well! Go book-lovers around the world! Thanks for sharing!

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