Monday, 27 June 2011

The Year in Books (so far)

So I can't believe it but it is halfway through the year of 2011 already! Where in the world has the time gone?? What better time to assess the books that I have read so far in the year and see what aspects of each were my favourites? The following questions have been taken from Inkcrush. Although she seperated her questions into different categories, I just selected the questions that I liked the best to answer. Enjoy! 

1. Favourite Book Read So Far in 2011?
That's a tough call... It's really between The Hunger Games and Divergent....but I'll go with Divergent since it was actually published in 2011.

2. Best Achy, Heartbreaking, Tear-Jerking Read.
Definetely The English Patient. This novel had me in tears at the end! I like that the ending wasn't conventional....but I still find it heartbreaking when characters who love each other so much don't end up together due to circumstances.

3. Adrenaline Fueled, Unputdownable Award
The Hunger Games had me reading non-stop for a day! I snuck it in to read at work, I read it while I ate dinner at home, I stayed up till late in the night...I just couldn't get enough of it!! And after I raced through it I kind of regretted not taking my time to read it more slowly so that I could have pro-longed my enjoyment of it for a little bit longer. 

4. I So Want To Go There Award
Shannon Hale's novel Austenland had me dreaming of going to the Austen inspired vacation destination described in her book. Pathetic... I know....but I think it would be so much fun to live in a recreation of Austen's world for a day! 

5. I Had No Idea I Would Love This Award
That would have to be Anna and the French Kiss! I bought this book on a whim because I had heard from so many other people about how fantastic it was, but I never seriously thought I would enjoy it as much as I did! I couldn't put it down!!! I'm already looking forward to Stephanie Perkins next novel so that I can devour that one as well!

6. Would Make the Best Movie Award
My automatic response to this one was Divergent...but it is actually in the works of becoming a movie right now so instead I would have to choose White Cat! I think it would make such a cool con movie if they were able to work out the twists and turns well enough so that the audience didn't expect them! Plus...I would love to see Cassel on the big screen *swoon*!

7. The Brilliantly Funny Award
Hounded was definetly not what I expected! From the cover and the synposis I thought it would be a cool, action packed novel, but in reality it was set up more like a comedy! There was so much humour in this book that I laughed out loud more than once! Definetly a nice suprise! 

8. Most Haunting Award
I'm not sure if the word "haunting" in this case is supposed to refer to scary or emotionally trying... but I think I'll go with the latter. The Postmistress, which was set in WWII was "hauntingly" beautiful. The story was so sad, yet it carried so much power with it as well. 

9. Who I Completely Fell in Love With
I fell in love with sooo many characters so far this year... but the most memorable would have to be St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss and Cassel from White Cat. Cassel is the classic bad boy with a heart of gold, while St. Clair proved that good guys really do exist in the world (although they are prone to making mistakes just like anyone else). 

10. Best Ending
While I didn't necessarily enjoy how many unanswered questions remained after I finished reading this novel, The Handmaid's Tale had by far the best ending! It left everything up to your imagination about whether or not the unnamed narrator would actually escape or be sent to her death. The additional "historical" notes that Atwood placed at the end of the novel also causes readers to question the validitiy of the story itself, and whether or not the narrator herself is to be trusted. Overall, the ending of this novel will haunt me forever...and I especially hate how the movie version completely changed everything in order to give viewers the typical Hollywood ending that they wanted. 


Jenny said...

I would love to see Cassel on the big screen but I'd be so nervous they'd ruin him!

kaye (paper reader) said...

I have to read so many of these, yet. I actually had Austenland in my hands at the library today, but I put it back as I have so many other things to catch up on yet. I think I'll have to add White Cat to my birthday wishlist. :)

Allison said...

I am so curious about Hounded - you're right, it definitely doesn't look funny on the surface.

Yay for Austenland, I loved that story! So cute. Same with Anna and the French Kiss :)

Yaseena@Sweetunrest said...

Love this post! great reads so far :) And I'm glad you ended up liking Anna and the French Kiss so much. Super cute read!

Selina said...

I love these type of posts and you have some great picks. I read some mixed reviews about "The Postmistress" but you make me want to read it. Thanks for sharing!

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