Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Austenland to be a Movie!?!?

So I am jumping up and down right now like giddy kid because moments ago I just found out that Shannon Hale's humourous novel, Austenland, is in the middle of being filmed for a movie right now! As in right this very second in England they are filming scenes from the book!! I can't believe that I didn't know about this sooner! The news was revealed to me through Shannon Hale's blog, which I guess I really need to start paying more attention to considering I didn't find out about this until today!

According to Ms. Hale, she has been working a movie script for a film version of Austenland with Jerusha Hess. The movie is going to be an indie film, but has nevertheless managed to snag such great actors as Keri Russel from Felicity to play Jane and J.J. Field  to play the dashing Mr. Nobley. As well, Jennifer Coolridge from A Cinderella Story and Legally Blonde will be playing the character of Miss Charming, which I thought was an absolutely perfect choice! I actually remember picturing her in that part when I was reading the book!

I am most excited, however, about the fact that the lovely Ms. Jane Seymour is playing the character of Mrs. Wattlesbrook, especially considering that (if I remember correctly) Shannon Hale made reference to the actress in the book itself! I grew up watching Jane Seymour on Dr. Quinn and miss her now that the show is long done (I need some more Jane Seymour in my life!!), so I am looking forward to seeing her on the silver screen again!

So basically, I cannot wait for 2012 to come now so that I can go check out Austenland on film! I really hope that they do this book justice since I enjoyed it so much, and focus on emphasizing the humour in this quirky love story. I'm picturing a Bridget Jones like adaptation, but we will see what actually happens!


Jenny said...

Whoo hoo!!! I had no idea either. I'm so excited now. I'm going to go check this out.

Lisa @ Read.Breathe.Relax. said...

Ok, I am so lame. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shannon Hale but never realized she wrote this book?! I need to 1. read it then two 2. get excited about this movie!

I mean, Keri Russel and Jane Seymour? This movie will be amazing! haha Thanks for sharing this news (especially for those of us who live under

Truly Bookish said...

I am ashamed to say I have never read a Shannon Hale book but I am about to fix that, starting with Austenland. It's been on my radar and I need to just get it and read it!
Truly Bookish

Ikhlas said...

Omg that's awesome! I read this book awhile ago (back when it was released) and remember loving it. So I can't wait for the movie, either!
Thanks for the update :)

Jenny N. said...

I read this book two years ago so I don't remember most of the story but I'm still happy to find out that its being made into a movie.

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