Wednesday, 17 August 2011

DVD Review: Wild Target

For those of you in search for the perfect date movie, look no further than the wildly hilarious British film Wild Target! The plot revolves around Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy), a professional hitman whose routine is interrupted when he finds himself unwittingly drawn towards his latest victim, Rose (Emily Blunt). Instead of killing her, he becomes her bodyguard, protecting her from the very men who hired him. Along the way he picks up an apprentice (Rupert Grint), and learns that life is about more than being a perfect assasin.

I have to say that the casting for this movie was absolutely "on target"! Bill Nighy really brought out both the annoyance and heart of Victor's character. Ruper Grint's rendition of Tony, however, was my absolute favourite part of the movie! Grint was perfect as the foolish and naive sidekick (which probably helped from channeling the character of Ron), and it was great to finally see him in a role outside of Harry Potter!

Another reason that I loved Wild Target so much was that it presents the perfect blending of action and comedy. I'm a huge fan of British comedy, and this movie did not fail to make me laugh out loud on numerous occasions! If it wasn't for a trailer of this movie on a dvd I had rented a few weeks before, I probably would have never considered picking up this movie....which is a sad thought indeed! I have since bought a copy of Wild Target to add to my own movie collection, and it has become a hit with everyone I have coerced into watching it! I urge you to check out the trailer below... and if you find yourself giggling even just a little bit... then go out and rent/buy this DVD asap!

Rating: 5 Stars


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