Thursday, 1 September 2011

Artist Alley: Postscript Comic

A few days ago I mentioned how I spent last weekend in Toronto at Fan Expo and came across tons of new artists that captured both my heart and appreciation. Not being able to resist sharing them with you all, I decided to start this meme displaying upcoming artists and their amazing works! Without further ado... here is my first pick!

PostScript Comic tells the story of fairy tales after the 'happily ever after.' Designed by artist Graham Moogk-Soulis, a History grad student at the University of Waterloo, these comics provide witty stories about some of popular culture's favourite fairy tale characters. Not only does Graham utilize elements of fairy tales, but also history and mythology, which is most noticeable in the naming of many of his characters. Graham's comics are posted bi-weekly to his website, and follow somewhat of a story arc... so it's always good to start at the beginning! Here are some of my personal favourites below...


Jenny said...

LOL! I love the Humptey Dumptey one! Especially the horse's expression. Hee hee.

Lan said...

These comics are hilarious! Some of the stuff that people come up with really crack me up.

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