Thursday, 15 September 2011

Worlds of Fantasy

I'm sure many of you have probably seen this picture before, but I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago when my cousin posted it to my Facebook wall. I immediately fell in love! This one road sign pretty much sums up every place I have ever dreamed of going to since I was a child! Diagon Alley, the Hobbit's Shire, Mr. McGregor's Garden, all of these wonderful settings have at one time felt like home as I snuggled in with my book at night.

That got me to thinking about some of the many other places I have dreamed of going to because of books that aren't already included in this picture. How about The Hundred Acre Woods? Or Neverland? Green Gables, Redwall, Wonderland, Camelot, Whoville, the list goes on and on!

It's funny how settings often find as much a place in the heart of readers as the original book itself. After all, would The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe be just as good without the magic of Narnia? Can you just place the same characters in any old setting and get the same story? I don't think so! The type of world which the author creates is the determining factor in the path which the characters and plot will take. In a way, the setting becomes a character in itself through the awe and enchantment that it elicits from its readers. Just consider the fact alone that Universal Studios has recreated the wizarding world of Harry Potter so that fans can walk the streets of Hogsmeade or the halls of Hogwarts!

Anyways, I guess the whole purpose of this post was to show my appreciation for the worlds of magic and mystery which authors have created for centuries. I often overlook the importance which the setting plays in my overall enjoyment of a book, but it is almost always one of the most important things for an author to consider during the writing process.

What are some of your favourite settings in fiction?  I'm now seriously considering creating a road sign of my own like the one in the picture to stick in my backyard....


Jenny said...

Wow, I've never seen that picture before either. I love it! I got chills just reading this post. The world in a book, when done right, is magical and so important to the story. You should totally make that sign for your backyard, btw.

Ikhlas said...

What a lovely picture :)

Anonymous said...

I saw one similar to it, except w the hundred acre wood and whoville :) I love it and want one so bad

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