Friday, 7 October 2011

Follow Friday: Character Swap

Q.If you could pick one character in a book, movie or television show to swap places with, who would it be?

So many tempting choices! If I were to swap places with a character from a book it would have to be Anne from Anne of Green Gables. Lame...I know! But I've always had a fascination for the time period in which the novel is set, and I was actually a lot like her in personality when I was a kid.... non-stop chattering and mischief! I've also had a crush on Gilbert Blythe ever since I was a little girl. He is one of the ultimate romantic characters of all time! 

Now if I were to switch places with a character from a movie I would have to go with Natalie Portman's character, Jane, from Thor. I've always been really fascinated with science and wish that I was better at it. Alas, I was cursed to be drawn to English instead! Plus, there is the added bonus of Chris Hemsworth... need I say more?

Finally, if I were to switch places with a character from a television show I would choose any of the investigators from Destination Truth. Everything about unexplained mysteries and creatures has always captivated me, and I would love getting paid to research about it! The fact that they get to travel all over the world to hunt things like bigfoot and sea monsters is definitely an added bonus! Who wouldn't love spending a week in Peru, Ireland, or Kenya...even if it is in the middle of a scorching desert or bug infested jungle? I would probably have to sit out on any of the alien investigations though... I've been scarred for life ever since watching E.T. as a child! 


Tia said...

Great characters! It would be cool to be Jane from Thor and Anne as well!

My Follow Friday!

Anna said...

I love Natalie Portman so I think I'd just want to be here in general :) Great pick!

My Follow Friday

Jacquelynne said...

Great choices!! Definitely no need to say more with Chris Hemsworth hanging around lol. I haven't seen destination truth in forever but that would be really cool! :) Neat question for this Follow Friday.

fairypenguin said...

I have to agree with you about Chris Hemsworth. Mmm.

New follower!

Unabridged Bookshelf said...

Jane is a great choice! I would love some one on one time with Thor, especially looking like Chris Helmsworth.

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Jenny said...

Yeah, if it got me Gilbert I'd be Anne too. I haven't seen Thor yet, so I'll just have to trust you. I'm still, to this day, terrified of E.T and will not watch it ever again!

Izzy G. said...

Hi, I'm Izzy and I'm stopping by for Follow Friday. Ooh, Anne from Anne of Green Gables is a good choice! I'd love to be with Gilbert.

Izzy @ My Words Ate Me

TG said...

I think I would just like to swap places with Natalie Portman. She's the same age as me and her life's always seemed so charmed to me.

Chrissie @ Once Upon a Series said...

Jane from Thor is a great pick! I'm a new follower :)

Read.Breathe.Relax. said...

I LOVE Natalie Portman and would pretty much switch with her in any movie...well, maybe except Black Swan. lol

You are NOT lame for saying Anne of Green Gables! She's fierce and awesome and passionate...and I almost listed her too! haha!

kaye (paper reader) said...

Don't hate me, but I've never read Anne of Green Gables. I need to, though. It does sound lovely, though, as I love period pieces and secretly have a wish to get to wear those gorgeous dresses (but not a corset, yuck!) that they all go about in.

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