Thursday, 20 October 2011

Top 5 Library Love Scenes

Maybe this is just a coincidence, but it seems to me that throughout literature and film the setting of the library is often used as the place where the two protagonists either begin their flirtation, or reveal their undying love for one another. Perhaps it is the secluded, intimate nature of the library that is so appealing to authors and screenwriters. Whatever the reason, these scenes always make me crack a smile...especially since I one day plan on being a librarian myself. Here are 5 of my favourite library love scenes from movies below.

1. Beauty and the Beast
I have yet to meet a female reader who has not listed Beauty and the Beast as one of their favourite Disney movies due to the epicness of this library. Obviously the Beast is smart enough to recognize that a good book is the way into any girl's heart!

2. Gone With The Wind
Sure Scarlett may have been a little naive in assuming that Ashley would eventually marry her, but little did she know that the true man of her dreams was already waiting for her just behind the couch in the library.

3. Harold and Kumar
Maybe the love between Kumar and Vanessa is fleeting, but it is a perfect example of how movies often depict the library as the perfect place for teenage hook ups! I remember a similar scene in The Prince and Me as well, but alas, I couldn't find that one online! 

4. The Music Man
Who wouldn't love to be serenaded by a handsome man in a library? Poor Marian the librarian had no idea what was about to hit her! This scene certainly personifies the whole "librarians are sexy" a clean 1960s kind of way....

5. Becoming Jane
Apparently even Jane Austen couldn't escape the amorous atmosphere of the library (at least according to this highly inaccurate film version of her life). But then again...who can resist flirting amongst the bookshelves? 

These are just five of the many examples that I could have pulled showing how libraries are "hot spots" so to speak. Others include Atonement, The FBI Files, The Prince and Me...ect. ect.! What do you guys think about this trend? Are there any other movies you can think of that fit this list?


Jacquelynne said...

Come on who doesn't want to find their dream guy in a library? Lol especially like in "Becoming Jane" hehe. My favorite scene :)

TG said...

The hottest library scene ever is between Keira Knightley and James McAvoy in Atonement, no contest. You need to fan yourself after watching that scene.

This is a really cute list! I'd forgotten that so many romantic scenes took place in a library.

Anne said...

As soon as I saw the title of your post I thought of The Music Man and The Prince and Me. Great list- I loved it!

Jenny said...

Interesting observation. There's quite a bit of library action in Sydney White too.

Natalie said...

Ohhh good call Jenny! I completely forgot about Sydney White! It's such a cute scene too I had to hunt down a clip of it..... Here's the link for anyone else who's interested!

Untouchable Treasure said...

I was always in awe of the library in Beauty and the Beast. My favorite Disney film, for sure. :)

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--Rachel B.

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