Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top Ten Books I Bought Because of Their Covers

As I have stated about a million times now on this blog, I'm a sucker when it comes to a pretty cover. They really need to develop a cure for "judge a book by its cover syndrome!" In fact, last night I went to Chapters with my friends and picked up a copy of Elizabeth Miles' book Fury, partly because my friend is going to a signing for this book next week, but mostly because I thought the cover was so pretty. I know... I'm pathetic! Anyways, here are just ten of the books that I've bought because I fell in love with the covers. Thankfully, a lot of them ended up being well written and enjoyable as well, but some of them disappointed me terribly. Oh well!


Jacquelynne said...

I love the cover of "Whither" and "Entwined" soooo pretty! I love the big dresses I think, haha. Great choices :) All superb books.

Passion for Novels said...

Some lovely covers

Here are mine http://passionfornovels.blogspot.com/

New follower :)

TG said...

I love both the cover and title for 'Girl in a Steel Corset'. They just grab me. Wither is such a pretty cover, but the one for the 2nd book, Fever, is even nicer I think.

My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

Ohhh, good choices. Hounded was a runner up for me. Fury and Steel corset are pretty too.
Happy Tuesday.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I'm a sucker for covers but I still try to base my buying or reading on what the story is actually about. I'll admit that I had to read The Gargoyle and plan on reading Hounded because the covers drew me in.

Karen @ Book Light Graveyard said...

I LOVE the cover of Entwined! I didn't really like the story so much, but the cover I totally adore. I really like the cover for Wither as well.

Sarah Brown said...

I own a lot of these so pretty, I'm a new follower, my WOW http://headstuckinabook.blogspot.com/2011/10/top-ten-tuesday.html

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