Thursday, 17 November 2011

H&M Launches The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Clothing Line!

I love H&M. Ever since I first walked through its hallowed doors during a family trip to Portugal in high school I have been addicted to the range of clothing and styles that they offer. When the store finally came to my local mall a few years ago I cried tears of joy! Not only has the Swedish retailer gone international, however, they are now apparently in the movie business as well! According to recent news, H&M is pairing up with Trish Summerville, the costume designer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, in order to launch a new clothing line based on the character of Lisbeth Salander. Although I have yet to read the book (I finally picked up a copy last week), based on what I've seen from the movie trailer Lisbeth is not your average girl next door. Rather, the clothing line will be reflecting the edgy goth-punk fashion of this slightly rebellious character. 

Although my fashion sense doesn't tend to lean towards the goth-punk scene, I think some of these pieces look great. There is a jacket and knitted hood that I am particularly interested in that you can view here. I find it so fascinating that designers are now drawing inspiration from fictional characters when it comes to fashion design, and I hope that this is a trend that continues! I mean how cool would it be to have an outfit inspired by someone like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter or Lola from Stephanie Perkins' novel Lola and the Boy Next Door? I know that I for one would be all over that! What do you guys think about this new clothing line? If goth-punk isn't your style, are there any other fictional characters that you would love to see a designer base their clothing line around? Check out the trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo below! 


Renu said...

Ooh, I love H&M! <3 I have yet to see the movie/read the book though!

Jenny said...

I like the jacket and the hood too. Some of the stuff is just to weird for me, though. Speaking of weird...I hate H&M's commercials. They freak me out! Especially the new maze one. Just weird! Anywho...;)

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