Sunday, 27 November 2011

Movie Review: Summer Wars

Kenji, the teenage hero of Summer Wars, is an alternate for the Japanese Math Olympics team, but math is the only thing he's good at. He works part-time doing maintenance for the global computer network Oz, so he jumps at the opportunity when his pretty classmate Natsuki offers him a job--until he discovers she wants him to pose as her fiancĂ© at her grandmother's 90th birthday celebration. Kenji has his hands full coping with Natsuki's large, eccentric family, who constantly refer to their samurai ancestors as they squabble with each other. But when a malicious AI program known as The Love Machine attacks Oz, Kenji has to solve a series of complex mathematical puzzles to prevent the cyberterrorist from causing a disaster.

Back in the day (or more specifically, high school) I use to love watching anime movies like Spirited Away, Princess Monoke and Castle in the Sky. Feeling nostalgic last night, I did a random Google search for some anime trailers and stumbled across Summer Wars. If you read the summary I included above, you may be slightly rolling your eyes right now and thinking that the plot sounds pretty stupid. I know that's how I initially reacted. Intrigued by the title, however, and the fact that it had won a ton of awards in Japan, I decided to watch the first 10 minutes online to see what it was like. I was hooked immediately!

Putting the weird cyber world of OZ aside, Summer Wars tells a rather moving story about a family struggling to keep itself together and put the past behind them. Don't let the fact that this is an animated film fool you. Summer Wars makes the audience stop and think about the world around them. Part family drama, part love story, with a pinch of humour, Summer Wars was simply spellbinding. This isn't your average cutesy anime. It's something both anime lovers and those not so enthused by the Japanese cartoon style will fall in love with. There is no question why it won the 2010 Japanese Academy Award for best animated film! 

So, to put it simply...check out Summer Wars! Even if you aren't usually a fan of anime it is worth a look! It's very rarely that I get this enthusiastic about an anime you can tell that it really had an impact on me. I've put the dvd on my Christmas wish list so that I can add it to my collection of favourite movies! Check out the trailer below and hopefully you will be motivated to watch the movie as well! 


Jenny said...

K, I'm very intrigued. Where did you get the whole movie, though?

Natalie said...

Jenny: I found it online at this link here :) This website is actually pretty awesome! They have tons of anime movies and tv shows uploaded online! I hope you enjoy Summer Wars as much as I did!

Jenny said...


Jimmy Jarred said...

Your review made me go crazy for this movie. It seems that this movie is a good option to watch. Not only kids but young one will surely like it.
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