Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Website That Will Change/Revolutionize Books as We Know Them!!!

So, last week as I was doing research for an upcoming project dealing with interactive websites, I came across a news story about a new website that will be coming out sometime next year. Intrigued by the title, Small Demons, and their slogan "Welcome to the Storyverse," I went to visit their beta site to see what all the fuss is about. MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY! Small Demons is dedicated to providing the Who, What, Where, When, and How of every book ever written! Basically, it will be a user content generated website (similar to Wikipedia), which highlights every person, place, object, song, and movie written within a book.

For instance, say you wanted to know what songs were used in Steig Larsson's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo...Small Demons not only lists all of the songs (A Night in Tunisia, Sweet Dreams, Heartbreak Hotel, and The Eurythmics Greatest Hits), it also provides you with historical information on the song, as well as the quote and page number where it is mentioned! You can even find out about the character's favourite restaurant, the car that they drove, the perfume that they used, ect. ect.! The possibilities are limitless!!

This screen shot was taken while I was looking at the entry for The English Patient on Small Demons.
You can also use this website to search for new reading suggestions by doing the complete opposite. For example, say you were interested in finding out what other books mention Batman in their text...all you have to do is search for the name Batman, and a list of books comes up (such as Under the Dome and Along Came a Spider). Make sense? All I can say is WOW! I really wish this website had been around while I was doing my English Literature undergrad! I remember writing an essay on the music in Ondaatje's The English Patient which would have been MUCH easier if I had been given access to the information on this site!

So as you can see I am pretty pumped about the upcoming release of this website. I can see great things coming out of it, and its always interesting to discover the finer details of a book that you might have overlooked initially! In case my description of this site was confusing, check out the video above from Small Demons which highlights their main purpose and goals for the website. It's pretty good! Overall, I really think this website will change the way that people think about and interact with the books that they read.

What do you guys potentially think about Small Demons? Do you think this is a website that you would enjoy using?


Anne said...

Sounds like a great website, I am looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for posting about it!

TG said...

This does sound fabulous, although I can see myself losing all sense of time and browsing that site for hours! But it sounds like a wonderful and easy way to check the references made in books.

crisrizz said...

Wow!! That sounds amazing. Knowing me, I would probably spend hours on it. If only this was around during my first couple years of undergrad!! Haha

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