Saturday, 17 December 2011

Book Review: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

“I’ve left some clues for you. 
If you want them, turn the page. 
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.” 

So begins the latest whirlwind romance from the New York Timesbestselling authors of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares. But is Dash that right guy? Or are Dash and Lily only destined to trade dares, dreams, and desires in the notebook they pass back and forth at locations across New York? Could their in-person selves possibly connect as well as their notebook versions? Or will they be a comic mismatch of disastrous proportions?
The best possible word to describe this book is "cute" (which is an adjective dictionary loving Dash would probably find inadequate if he was a real person).  Set during the time leading up to Christmas, Dash and Lily's Book of Dares was the perfect read to get me in the holiday spirit! It was simple and light hearted, with no huge drama other than the struggle of Dash and Lily to discover whether their feelings for one another can exist outside of the notebook that they mysteriously swap back and forth between each other. 

Reading about Dash and Lily's flirtations through the notebook was a unique experience for me as a reader, and one that I really enjoyed! The intimate conversations between Dash and Lily in the notebook really allowed the characters to develop and gain some depth that would have otherwise been lost in the pacing of the plot. In fact, the first half of the book before Dash and Lily met was my absolute favourite part about the entire novel! My curiosity over how they would eventually run into each other really created a lot of anticipation and eagerness on my part. Once they did meet, however, I found that my enjoyment of the book started to slowly decline. While it was still cute, I felt like the climax of the book had passed and my excitement for what would happen next had somewhat faded.

Despite the fact that the thrill of the chase was gone, Dash and Lily's Book of Dares was nevertheless a fun and humorous read. Cohn and Levithan created a cast of quirky characters that any reader can't help but fall in love with, including Dash's clueless friend Boomer. There were several times (especially near the beginning) where I actually laughed out loud (to the confusion of my mother who thought I was going crazy). While the novel was light and really relied on convenience to make things work out in the end, I found it a nice break from the stress and pressure required in reading my textbooks for school. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for something simple and fun to enjoy over the Christmas break! 

3  Stars


Traci @ The Reading Geek said...

Great review, I was debating with myself whether or not to read this one. I think I am going to get it now though, I could definitely use a light and cute book to read this break.

Steph: Short and Sweet said...

I didn't really wanna read this book at first, but now I think I'm gonna give it a try! Thanks for the review :)

Chey said...

I started this book the other day but since I'm attempting to read two books at once, this one has been pushed to the side, just because I'm enjoying the other one more. I've always loved Cohn and Levithan's writing together, so I'm eager to continue. Thanks for the review!

Andrea @ Cozy Up said...

This sounds kind of cute. Not really my type of book, but I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part. Great review.


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