Monday, 5 December 2011

Twitter: A Reader's Best Friend

It wasn't until very recently that I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Those of you who have been tweeting for years now will probably roll your eyes at this post and the obviousness of what I'm about to say, but I am sure there are many out there, like me, who are reluctant to enter the Twitterverse. Twitter is like a whole other language after all, and it took me a few days to get the hang of what #hashtags were for and what RT (retweet) meant. For the first few weeks I actually found Twitter pretty pointless considering only three of my friends were actually using it as well. 

That changed, however, when I discovered that many of my favourite authors and publishers were all using Twitter to share news about their books, events, and random occurrences in their lives! For book addicts such as myself, there is nothing better then getting a play by play on what an author is currently working on, and what their thought process is like when they are writing. An added bonus is that many authors and publishers host giveaways on Twitter for ARC copies of their books! 

So have I persuaded you to start a Twitter account yet? For those of you already on Twitter, or considering starting one, here is a list of some of the authors that I highly recommend following online!

1. Cassandra Clare (@cassieclare): She is probably the best twitter user I have ever seen! Not only does she provide constant updates on her life, she uses Twitter as a way to connect to her fans. She is constantly retweeting messages and links sent to her by her followers, which just goes to show how down to earth she is! In fact, my friend Chelsey tweeted a link to my review of Clockwork Prince to Cassandra Clare. Low and behold Cassandra Clare retweeted it for all of her followers to see! I was on cloud nine!

2. Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself): I've only ever read one of Gaiman's books, but his tweets are so entertaining I couldn't help but follow him! He is a wealth of information on what is going on in the book world, and is also really great when it comes to interacting with his followers!  

3. Stephanie Perkins (@naturallysteph): Stephanie Perkins' tweets are more focused on her daily life, but I still really enjoy them simply for the fact that she serves as a reminder that authors are regular people too! She does share information about her books and giveaways though as well! 

4. Holly Black (@hollyblack): Holly Black's tweets also tend to be more oriented towards her daily life, but they are interesting nonetheless! It is especially funny when she gets into Twitter conversations with fellow authors such as Cassandra Clare and Stephanie Perkins. One night the three of them had a full out discussion over whether or not hobbits are attractive haha! 

5. Jessica Spotswood (@jessica_shea): Upcoming author of Born Wicked, Jessica Spotswood's tweets lately have been all about the writing of her next book. For example, the tweet pictured below is just one of the many she posted on Nov 29th regarding one of the final scenes she was working on. Having already read an ARC copy of Born Wicked this tweet sent me into a mad anxiety over the next book! 

6. Beth Revis (@bethrevis): Beth Revis' tweets provide a nice range of information about both her upcoming books and her daily life. Like Holly Black, she can get into some interesting conversations with her fellow authors online. She always shares the most up to date news regarding anything book related in her life.

These are just six of the many authors that I could have chosen to share with you today! If you are using Twitter you should also definitely follow some of the publisher accounts like : @PenguinCanada, @RazorbillBooks and @SimonBooks! What do you guys think about Twitter? Do you use it? Are there any authors or publishers that you like to follow? You can always follow me as well @tobeshelved :)


Jenny said...

I'm going to have to join Twitter too. I'll probably wait till I get a new phone...a smartphone.

Jessica S. said...

Yes! Twitter is awesome for that. I'm following several authors on there. :)

Kelly said...

I had a Twitter account once, but I was never using it, so I deleted it. Lately, though, I've been thinking about starting it up again, and after reading this post, I am almost convinced to do it. But, maybe you could explain #hashtags to me, please? I understand retweeing, but when it comes to #hashtags, I am clueless!

Natalie said...

Jenny: You definitely should!

Kelly: No problem! A hashtag is a word or phrase followed by the # sign in Twitter. They are used to help make it easier for people to search for tweets relating to certain topics. When you send your tweet, the hashtag also becomes hyperlinked automatically, making it easy for people to click on to see who else has used the same hashtag. A hashtag can occur anywhere in your tweet and can say absolutely anything! For example, say you were tweeting about a book you could add a hash tag in saying #awesomebook, or #bookreview...anything you could possibly think of! Hashtags are often what makes a trending topic on twitter when many people use the same one. Hope that explained it well for you! If not try this video..they explain it really well!

Suey said...

I agree, Twitter is pretty fun! I'm working on getting Jenny to join... it's close. I can feel it!

But what I want to know.. how did you get such cute little embedding of those tweets? I tried once and never figured it out. You should do a blog post lesson on this! :)

Natalie said...

Suey: I actually cheated and did a screen shot of the tweets :P Embedding them didn't even cross my mind! That probably would have been easier! I will definitely consider doing a blog post lesson on this :)

Chelsey said...

I can't believe I have never seen this post! I love the snapshot of the Cassie Clare tweet =)! This is such a great post -- I feel exactly the same. Jay looks at my twitter sometimes and has no idea who anyone is. Of course, they are all authors and publishers and publishing imprints. I love how customizing it is! Also, you can get a dose of lit news straight from your cell phone before getting out of bed lol. Not bad, not bad.

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