Monday, 2 January 2012

Book Fetish: Volume 1

As a book addict I find myself drawn towards any kind of item that is bookish in nature. Whether it is a unique set of book ends or a perfume based on the characters from one of my favourite novels, I just can't help but drool over them all! I recently came across a post on called "Book Fetish: Bookish things for those with a fetish for books!" I fell so in love with it I decided to start my own regular book fetish postings in order to display some of the amazing book related things I happen to stumble upon online. So without further ado, here is my first ever volume of Book Festish! Enjoy :)

1. BookBook for iPhone

Hold. The. Phone. There is a book shaped phone holder that doubles as a wallet!? This bookish creation may be the one reason I break down and actually buy and iPhone! Available through Firebox for $49.99. 

2. Typewriter Earrings

I'm in LOVE with all things Austen, so there is no way I could resist these earrings when I found them on! The designer also has typewriter earrings for Alice in Wonderland, To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, Gone With the Wind, amongst many others! The best part? They are only $16.00! Totally affordable!

3. Book Tent
I am head over heels in love with this book tent from! At $900.00 though it is WAY out of budget for me! I couldn't help but share it with you guys though because it is just soo cool! Maybe one day when I win the lottery I'll have be able to go camping in my very own book tent! 


Lan said...

Argh you've found my weakness. If I start looking at bookish things to buy I am going to end up broke. I really love those earrings!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh! That book tent is awesome! I want one. :(

Ikhlas said...

Wow, super cool! Love the iphone bookbook and the cute!

Natalie said...

Glad you guys enjoyed them :)

Kelly said...

I love the earrings!!!

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Oh man, all of those are so cool. LOVE the iPhone case, though... I think it's gorgeous and very practical.

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