Monday, 13 February 2012

Amazing Valentines for Book Lovers!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Can you believe it!? It feels like Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago! One of the things I miss most about Valentine's Day as a kid was picking out the box of cards I wanted to give out to my friends each year. There were always so many amazing choices at Walmart that I would just stand in awe at the selection until my Mom told me to hurry up already. With all of this reminiscing going on in my head, I decided to procrastinate a bit from my schoolwork and search online for some unique and interesting Valentines! Whether you are pro or anti-Valentine's Day, I'm sure that there is at least one card on this list that book addicts such as myself will adore!

Novel Novice
I LOVE Novel Novice and their blog! The contributors always upload great reviews, news, and book related wallpapers, calendars, and ... Valentine's Day cards! Check out a couple of my favourites below. For more great YA Valentines take a look at their fabulous website!

I just happened to stumble across this blog by Chris Bishop, one of the illustrators and creative directors from PBS Kids! I LOVE the Game of Thrones inspired Valentines that he created, which you can download and print at home! My favourites are the ones of Tyrion and John Snow! (Click on the image to make it larger)

Although these Valentines aren't really book related, I couldn't help but share them! These Downton Abbey Valentine's Day cards designed by Chad Thomas are funny and spot on! Any fan of the show will definitely crack a smile when they see them! 

What do you guys think of these Valentines? Do you have any particular favourites? Have you seen any more bookish Valentines online? If yes, please share the link with me :) 


Lan said...

OMG! Those Game of Thrones valentines just kill me. So funny. I can't even remember a valentines from my childhood, but I really like the idea of kids giving each other valentines. Spread the love I say.

Ikhlas said...

Hahahaha gotta love the Downton Abbey ones! :)

Katie said...

Game of Thrones, you really can't go wrong, wish I knew about these on the day of I would have printed them out and given them to people.

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