Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tag! Your It!

So, Jenny from Alternate Readality (an awesome blog! Go check it out!) tagged me in a blog posting where the idea is to get to know more! I haven't done one of these before so here goes nothing! Hope you guys remotely enjoy it!

Questions from Jenny:

1. What is something you dread?
Abduction by aliens. No...seriously...Ever since I saw the movie E.T. as a child I've been absolutely terrified of aliens. Not the somewhat cute Yoda-like aliens in Star Wars... but the creepy, wrinkly, weird shaped head and big eyes kind of aliens. My friends made me watch the movie Signs with them one Halloween and I almost had a heart attack. So thank you Steven Spielberg for scarring my childhood! 

2.  What is your favorite food?

Hmm... tough question! This changes pretty much every week for me. My current favourite staple as a starving Grad student though is Nutella covered bananas haha! Mmmm Nutella!

3. What kind of car was your first car?

My first car was a 1998 Volkswagon blue beetle. It was already 10 years old when I got it and although I loved how cute it was, the thing was a piece of garbage. Literally. In the course of the two years that I had the car it went to the garage a total of 10 times, and had to be towed twice because of stupid mechanical breakdowns which had nothing whatsoever to do with me or my driving (at least that I know of!) I'm now in a solid relationship with a Toyota Yaris who has yet to give me any trouble (*knock on wood*).

4. Picture taker or camera hog?

Definitely taker! My friends always know they can depend on me to bring my camera with me every time we go out on some adventure together! You should just see the amount of albums I have on Facebook! 

5. Do you have any pets?

No :( I wish!!! I'm dying for a pet of my own! Heck, even a fish would make me happy! Unfortunately, however, my brother and dad are both allergic to animals. Once I get a house of my own though you can guarantee that I will be getting a cat within the first month! Until then I get all the pet loving I need from my boyfriend's house, which is home to two cats, a dog, and a lizard. 

6. What would you do if you got to meet your movie star crush?

Hmm... to be honest? Probably nothing! I'm much too shy to go up to anyone famous to ask for a picture or an autograph. My dad has met a bunch of famous people through his old job including Don Cheadle, Guy Pierce, and Mark Walberg and even got to each lunch with some of them on the set of their movies. He's a much more outgoing and social guy them me haha! 

7. What would you do if you met your literary crush?

Probably admit myself to a psych ward considering Jane Austen has been dead for a long, long time! If I went back in some kind of time machine though and got to meet her that way I'd hope to just spend the day drinking tea, walking around the gardens and gossiping with her! 

8. Socks on or off when you sleep?

Hahaha! Interesting question! Until recently I always slept with my socks on, but in the house I'm currently renting my room is so warm that I have to take them off!

9. What book(s) have you been mad enough to throw across the room?

Hmmm... The ending of Mockingjay made me want to throw it across the room for a couple of months. I'm finally over my frustration now though after thinking about the author's motivations for doing what she did. I still wish she had made the relationship between Peeta and Katniss in the third book a little bit better though (see my review of Mockingjay for further details). 

10. What book(s) have you hugged to your chest in love?

Oh so many! Most recently though The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, A Million Suns, and Born Wicked. 

11. What was the name of a childhood stuffed animal?

I never really had a favourite stuffed animal as a child. I do have two stuffed animals that I got when I was older though (like 15) that still sit in my room back at home. One is a frog named Kermit (duh!) and the other is a bear named Tangerine because he is the brightest and most violent shade of orange ever! 


Jenny said...

I'm adoring the answers to my questions! I'm terrified of E.T to this day. *shudders*

My first car broke down ALL the time too. Drove me nuts!

Oh my heck! Your dad has met Guy Pierce and Mark Whalberg?! AHHHH! I'm dripping with envy!

Natalie said...

Glad to know someone else is terrified of ET too Jenny! Yay I'm not alone!

And my Dad sure did meet them :) Film companies used to always rent the transport ships he use to manage so he had to stand around and watch them film the movies to make sure the directors didn't blow the boat up by accident :P He actually got to be an extra in a scene with Guy Pearce for the movie Traitor (although you can only see him in the background for a split second...he originally had a line in the movie but I guess the director didn't think he did a good enough job cause it got cut out lol!). I guess you could say I have a movie star for a father lol!

Ikhlas said...

Wow, great post Natalie! So cool to get to know you better :)

Also, I still sometimes want to throw my copy of Mockingjay across the room...or maybe even rip those last few pages out and rewrite them >_< loll

Also, its a pleasure to meet a fellow Austen-ite :) :)

Katie said...

I'm starting to realize how people's personality leaks into their blog. Natalie once again you come off way too adorable for words. I don't think I come off nearly as well in my blog. To avoid coming off like a feminist b**** I am trying to avoid writing a rant about the one Super Bowl commentator who complained about David Beckham's underwear ad giving him body image issues. I want to be like listen women have been objectifyed in visual culture since Titians La Bella in 1536, you need shut your mouth and deal with it. Its your time now men: Its time for you to do the crunches and get sexy abs, its time for you to oil up your body, its time for you to be in fights in pools filled with jello...Though men fighting always comes off homo-erotic and does nothing for me...

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