Monday, 19 March 2012

The CanLit Hunger Games!?!?

How exciting is this!?! In anticipation of the release of The Hunger Games movie, CBC is having its own little version of the games, Canadian style. Identifying 24 of the most iconic characters from novels written by Canadians, CBC is hosting a daily vote to see who readers think would win the Canadian Hunger Games! There are 12 male and 12 female characters of various ages and backgrounds, including Xavier Bird (Three Day Road), Mary Boultan (Outlander), Ofglen (Handmaid's Tale), Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables), Dora Rare (The Birth House) and Pi Patel (Life of Pi). According to CBC, while "some of the characters here have lethal skills, like shooting, bomb-making or martial arts...others may lack physical strength but have demonstrated cunning, resourcefulness and a powerful will to live."  At the end of each day, the character with the least amount of votes is kicked off until the remaining survivor is left on March 25th. 

Of course, being the CanLit lover that I am, how could I possibly resist voting!? My heart was torn in three different directions. As much as I LOVE Anne Shirley and Dora Rare, I couldn't deny how resourceful and powerful the character of Xavier is Three Day Road. Not only is Xavier an amazing sniper, he proves himself to be quick thinking in battle and has been trained to survive in the worst of climates. Growing up  on a reserve, he also learned basic skills like hunting and tracking. In fact, if this were the real Hunger Games, Xavier would definitely be considered a Career Tribute. 

While Anne and Dora are both highly intelligent and resourceful, I think their lack of fighting skills would most likely result in their doom. For example, Dora's knowledge of herbs and healing could definitely help her to survive until the end,  but if she was to be discovered by someone like Xavier she would be dead within minutes. Likewise, Anne's intelligence may help her to avoid being killed in the first couple of days, but her imagination might get the better of her and cause her to make a crucial mistake while in the arena. Putting my love of Dora and Anne aside, I couldn't help but vote for Xavier to win the CanLit Hunger Games over all of the other literary characters combined. 

Who do you guys think would win the CanLit Hunger Games? Is there any character that you are particularly fond of? If you haven't already voted, then click here to make your choice


Jenny said...

Shamefully I don't know enough about CanLit too say who I'd vote for but this Xavier sounds awesome and I want to read Three Day Road now.

Natalie said...

You should DEFINITELY check out Three Day Road Jenny! It is one of my all time favourite reads! In fact, I'm considering re-reading it once I get my shelf of to be read books back under control!

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