Sunday, 11 March 2012

Movies I'm Looking Forward To...

I've discovered over the months that there is a strong correlation between the amount of homework I have and the amount of movie trailers I end up watching. In other words, the more homework I have... the more trailers I watch! So to help fuel your own procrastination (because you must be procrastinating if you are reading this blog posting) here are a couple of the movies that I'm looking forward to!

1. Brave

Many of you Disney fans out there have probably seen the original Brave trailer that came out last November, but a new one was released a couple of weeks ago that I absolutely adore! It really shows just how rebellious and stubborn this new Scottish princess is going to be! I love the fact that for once Disney is going to be producing a movie where the main female character doesn't have to fall in love by the end of the movie (although I'm not going to lie...I usually do enjoy movies with a romance plot).

2. The Five Year Engagement

Who doesn't love Jason Segel?!? I have yet to be disappointed by any of his movies...and I hope that tradition continues with The Five Year Engagement. It seems like it has the perfect balance of humour/drama to keep me entertained! Now I have a craving to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You Man. 

3. Chimpanzee

For the past two years it has been a tradition of me and my boyfriend to go to the movies on Earth Day to see DisneyNature's newest documentary. I've always loved them, but when I first heard that this year's doc would be focusing on chimpanzees I was a little reluctant. Ever since I saw a particularly disturbing portrayal of chimps in an episode of Planet Earth I have been extremely creeped out by them! After watching the trailer for Chimpanzee, however, it looks too adorable to resist. Watching the baby chimp bond with his adopted father was super cute! 

So what do you guys think of these movies? Do you have any favourite trailers? What movies are coming out that you can't wait to watch?


Jenny said...

LOL! This is too funny! I was totally thinking of doing a post like this but being the pessimist I am I was going to do movies I WASN'T looking forward too. ;)

I'm really looking forward to Brave too, it looks really cute. I had't heard of The Five-Year engagement but it looks really good!

Steph: Short and Sweet said...

brave looks pretty good, and Ive never heard of 5-yr engagement before but I love Jason Segel too! I'm always watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall :)

Uomo di Speranza said...

I read an article in Time the other day about all the director drama surrounding Pixar's production of Brave...very interesting stuff.

Carina Olsen said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to Brave too :D It sounds sooooo amazing. <3 And I just love the trailers for it :) And I love their voices! Gah. I need it (A) <3 But I'm hoping you're wrong about her not falling in love by the end.. hoping for a romance ;D Hih :) But I'll still love the movie :)
Love, Carina

Natalie said...

Jenny: HAHA! You should totally do a posting about movies you are NOT looking forward to! That would be hilarious!

Uomo: I hadn't heard of this drama before! I'm going to have to go check it out!

Carina: As cool as I think it would be to have a Disney princess who finally chooses not to get married, I have to agree...I a part of me still wants her to fall in love by the end. I can't help it! I'm a hopeless romantic!

Ikhlas said...

Wow, Brave looks good! And so does the five year engagement ;)

Shoshanah said...

I think Brave looks adorable and I can't wait to go see it. I also saw the trailer for The Five Year Engagement recently as well, and think that's another movie I'd really enjoy.

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