Friday, 23 March 2012

Yet Another Movie Review of The Hunger Games

I did it! I went to the midnight release of The Hunger Games last night...and it was definitely worth turning into a zombie this morning from the lack of sleep! I know that there are probably thousands of other blog reviews of the movie being posted as I write this, but I just couldn't help but share my own thoughts with you....So here goes nothing! 

My biggest concern going into The Hunger Games movie was that it would turn out to be like the Twilight films (which I despise), and that I would ultimately be disappointed. As the credits at the end of the movie rolled across the screen, however, I was anything but disappointed! In fact, I was so into the movie that I wanted them to start playing Catching Fire immediately! I don't know how I'm going to survive a year until the second movie comes out now! 

That isn't to say that the movie was perfect though. I'm sure purists who get ruffled over tiny changes in the plot will be a bit angry at some of the decisions that the director made. I know that some of my friends were frustrated by the changes to the plot line regarding the Mockingjay pin, but I understand that the director just didn't have the time or space in the movie to explain the whole story surrounding the Mayor's daughter. I haven't read the novel since the summertime, but besides the Mockinjay pin, the other changes that I noticed in The Hunger Games were minor and easy to brush off. 

Another one of my concerns before going into the movie was that the acting would be terrible. When I found out that Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth would be playing Peeta and Gale I was disappointed by the casting. While I have yet to accept Hemsworth as Gale (probably due to the fact that he gets barely any screen time in this first movie), Hutcherson's charisma and charm as Peeta really won me over! Now I can't imagine anyone else but Hutcherson playing the part of Peeta! Jennifer Lawrence also did an AMAZING job of portraying Katniss. In the one scene where she is talking to Cinna before she goes into the arena, you can just feel her fear coming at you through the screen. By far one of my favourite actors in the movie, however, was Woody Harrelson. An odd choice, I know, but he was exactly as I imagine the character to be in the book! 

My three favourite characters from The Hunger Games series in one shot
My only complaint about the movie is that I think it might be difficult for viewers who haven't read the books to understand everything that is going on. Maybe I'm underestimating the intelligence of most of these viewers, but I feel like the movie was really made for the readers of the books due to the fact that they leave a lot of aspects of Panem and the games unexplained. For example, the Mockingjays and their history aren't explained at all, and they don't go into much detail about how the reaping works. Gale mentions that his name is in the bowl 42 times, but the movie doesn't say that this can happen in exchange for more food for your family. Overall, however, The Hunger Games was an excellent adaptation, and I left the theatre feeling very satisfied and relieved! I can't wait to see how they will adapt Catching Fire next! If only it wasn't so far away! *Sighs* 

Rating: 5 Stars


Ikhlas said...

Lucky duck! I'm hoping to go sometime this weekend as well, hopefully!
Great review though :D I'm usually a purist (at least I was for Harry Potter), but I have a feeling its going to be great...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

sweet review

Andrea @ Cozy Up said...

Awesome review, I'm so excited to see this movie. Going soon hopefully!

Jenny said...

I'm reading nothing but good reviews so far. One of these days I'll go see it. I'm always disappointed when I watch a movie based on a book and realize that if people haven't read the book they might be confused.

Jimmy Jarred said...

This movie has lot of potential but was all wasted. It was so slow that I lost my interest and started feeling bored and sleepy.
The Hunger Games Movie

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