Monday, 30 April 2012

Book Review: The Rescue

Taylor McAden is a volunteer fireman who is always the first to plunge into danger. But there is one risk he can't bring himself to take: falling in love. Then he meets Denise Holden, a single mother who has moved to the small town of Edenton, North Carolina, to build a new life. A near fatal car crash will bring these two together, but before that can happen, Taylor must look into his past and see if it's not too late to take a chance on the future

After seeing The Lucky One in theatres last week (read my movie review here), my friend Jenn was nice enough to lend me her copy of The Rescue to keep my love of Nicholas Sparks going. Like most romance novels, The Rescue was a cute, light, and heartwarming read. Unfortunately, The Resuce didn't "wow" me anywhere near as much as The Lucky One did, which is partly the reason why this review is so brief today. While I did enjoy my time spent reading this book, there was a certain spark of magic that was missing that I can't quite put my finger on. I've spent the past few days trying to figure out what it was that stopped me from loving this novel, but I keep drawing a blank (which is so frustrating)!

One of the things that did I enjoy about The Rescue, however, was the fact that the author drew on his own life experiences to write this particular story. According to an afterword at the back of the novel, like Denise's son in the book, Nicholas Sparks' own child suffered from a severe learning disability when it came to learning how to speak. I think adding this element into the novel really made it more personal and emotional  to those reading. I was definitely floored when I found out how closely the author's experiences with his son matched those of the characters in The Rescue

Overall, The Rescue is a book that is easy to pick up and enjoy, but just as easy to put down and walk away from. It wasn't gripping or overly exciting, but I found the story heartwarming and cute. If you are looking for an easy book to pass the time reading then The Rescue is definitely for you! I would recommend picking this one up from the library though rather than buying a copy from the store. 

Rating: 3 Stars


Jenny said...

I'm so judgey about Nicholas Sparks but it just occurred to me that I've only ever seen the movies based on the books. I guess I should read one of his books, huh?

teresa bowen said...

It's good to know that there are still charitable institution which provides a child rescue volunteers for missing children.

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