Friday, 20 April 2012

Jay Asher, Lesley Livingston, and Charles DeLint Book Signing!

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Jackie (@Book_Obsession) and I made the journey over to Toronto for the Razorbill book signing at Indigo! After a long drive (filled with my screechy singing) and some retail therapy, we rushed over to the signing to grab some seats about an hour and a half before the authors were to arrive. Good thing we left early, because we managed to grab the only two seats left at the back! Everyone else who showed up after us was unfortunately left to stand at the very back in a long line.

Jackie and I waiting for the authors to arrive!
You could feel the excitement in the air when the authors finally arrived! Jay, Lesley, and Charles each took turns discussing their books before turning the microphone over to the audience for a Q&A session. Through some of these questions, the audience learned about how Jay came to team up with Selena Gomez for the upcoming film adaptation of his book Thirteen Reasons Why, Lesley's desire to have Pat Sajak's baby, and Charles' thoughts on the difference between writing for adults and teens.

Jay Asher, Lesley Livingston, and Charles DeLint!
To say that these three were hilarious would be an understatement! You could definitely tell that they have grown close over the past few days that they have spent touring together! The amount of teasing and jokes only grew throughout the night! One of my favourite questions from the audience was, "If you three were to co-author a book together, what would it be about?" Without hesitation, Lesley yelled out "MONKEYS," followed by Jay and Charles' addition of "Pat Sajak's monkeys!" See what I mean? Hilarious!

Jay Asher and me! 
As the Q&A wrapped up everyone happily lined up for a chance to get their books signed. I had brought with me Once Every Never by Lesley Livingston, Under My Skin by Charles DeLint, and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. All of the authors were super sweet and nice when Jackie and I talked to them while getting our books signed. Jay even let me get a picture with him while I was waiting in line for Lesley!

Jackie talking to Lesley and Charles 
Overall it was a pretty fabulous night! I even got to meet Adrienne Kress on my way out, author of the upcoming book The Friday Society! I've been drooling over that book since I first saw the cover and read the description on Goodreads! This is the first book signing that I've been able to attend this year so far, but I'm hoping it won't be the last!


Ikhlas said...

Wow, super cool, Natalie! I've only ever read one book by one of those 3 (The Future of Us by Jay Asher), but what a cool event to go to! Plus you look like you had a lot of fun :)

Kelsey@TheLostBookReports said...

I have only read Jay Asher's book too, but that is still cool you got to see all 3 authors, I am going to a book festival this weekend, so I hope I will get to meet some authors as well!

Jenny said...

I haven't been to an event like this for awhile. It feels that way anyway. It looks like you had fun!

Natalie said...

You guys should all definitely try to go out the the next book signing close to where you live! They are a lot of fun! :)

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