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Movie Review: The Lucky One

I've literally just gotten home from an afternoon showing of The Lucky One with my friends, and I have so many thoughts and feelings running through my head that I figured the best thing to do would be to sit at my computer and type up this review. Before I begin critiquing the actual film, it is probably good for you to know how much I LOVED the original story written by Nicholas Sparks. The novel was well written, heart wrenching, and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading! Not only that, but the ending was so surprising at the time that I almost had a mini heart attack!

Now, when I went in to watch the movie today, I realized that the film might not be as exciting for me as most of the viewers since I was already familiar with the general flow of the plot. Trying to keep as unbiased as possible, I sat back and took in the stunning views of Zac Efron on the big screen. As the movie progressed, however, I started to feel a twinge of annoyance. Parts of the plot had been changed, important scenes for character development removed, and the editing seemed a bit sloppy. In order to best display my grievances with this movie, its probably best to start a list.

1. The Casting: For the most part, the casting choices for this movie were pretty good! Zac Efron as Thibault, Blythe Danner as Ellie, and Jay R. Ferguson as Clayton were spot on! They each did a FABULOUS job of bringing their fictional characters to life on the big screen! The hatred that I felt for Clayton in the book was brought to the surface all over again, and of course, who doesn't love spending time watching Zac Efron be all heroic? Where the casting director failed, however, was in its choice for Beth. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop thinking about how Taylor Schilling looked too old to be dating Thibault's character! They really should have picked an actresses that looked closer to being his age for the role.

2. The Changes To The Story: I'd like to think that I'm usually pretty fair when I go to see movie adaptations of my favourite books. Due to time constrictions, I realize that directors often have to cut out scenes in order for them to tell the whole story in a two hour time frame. While there were a couple of scenes from the book that were cut from the movie, that wasn't really what bugged me. What annoyed me was the random parts that were added to the movie! I wish I could provide you with some examples, but doing so would ruin a somewhat surprising part at the end of the movie. Let's just say that although I can see how the addition of this scene helps to round out the story for viewers, I wish that this time had been spent on other important scenes that were actually in the book (or you know...more scenes with Zac Efron in them).

3. The Way The Film Was Edited: Maybe it's just me, but it seems like whoever edited this movie didn't know what they were doing. The amount of jumping around that happened made me feel  like I was flipping tv channels rather than watching an actual movie. One minute Beth is at a rose stand with her grandmother and 10 seconds later she's back at home and then 25 seconds later she's reading her son a bedtime story! This constant jumping really disrupted the general flow of the movie and made it a lot more choppy to watch. If the director really thought that some of these scenes were necessary he could have at least extended them a bit, or taken them out of the movie altogether! (Unless Zac Efron is in them of course!)

Despite all of my criticism, the movie version of The Lucky One was still pretty good. It's not something that I would rave about or buy the DVD of, but it was a nice afternoon to spend with my friends. I think that people who haven't read the book will enjoy it much more than those who are already familiar with the story. My final word of advice, however, is that you READ THE BOOK, and pass up on seeing the movie until its played every Saturday night on the television like The Notebook.

Rating: 3/5 Stars
(PS. My friend Jenn made the comment that more shirtless scenes with Zac Efron would totally have bumped this movie up a star lmao!) (And no, I am not as obsessed and crazy about Zac Efron as this review probably makes me appear)


Jenny said...

Lol. This whole review has me smiling. Im not a Nicholas Sparks fan and I doubt I'll ever read the book but I might see the movie for Zac. ;) My biggest pet peeve about movie adaptations is, like you, not what they leave out but what they put in. WTH?

Dan O. said...

For fans of pheromone fueled, logic free fantasies like this one, it delivers in spades… I’m certain you’ll enjoy it very much. For the rest of us, it’s every bit the over-romanticized schlock you imagine it would be. It's very, very bad and even though the cast tries their hardest, they can't get past the fact that this is just another sappy piece of crap. Good review Natalie.

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Amber Salm said...

I saw this movie last night and wanted to see it once again. Honestly this is the kind of movie which people would love to watch.
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