Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Night With Ami McKay!

This past Thursday I had the absolute pleasure of getting to attend a book lecture by Ami McKay, which was sponsored by a local group called The Circle Women's Center. If you've read some of my past postings here on the blog, you'll know that Ami McKay is one of my all time favourite authors, so to say that I was excited would be an understatement! Being the over eager fan that I am, I showed up to the book lecture about 50 minutes early to try and snag a great spot up front. I know....I'm  kind of crazy! Luckily for me, however, showing up early was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! One of the girls running the event invited me to join a small group of about eight women that were having a round table discussion with Ami before the event began! I couldn't believe my ears!

When I joined the others, they were extremely welcoming, and in the midst of discussing the work of modern midwives (as Ami's first novel, The Birth House focuses on the character of a young midwife living during the early 1900s). The conversation quickly turned to personal birthing and motherhood stories, and being the only one there without children I decided to just sit and listen quietly. Ami seemed to notice and quickly called me out on it saying, "Since you're so quiet I'm guessing you are the only one here who hasn't given birth. I'm am SO sorry! We are probably traumatizing you and scaring you away from EVER having children!" I thought that was pretty funny! So if you are reading this Ami....don't worry! You haven't scared me off yet!

The actual lecture that Ami gave was phenomenal! Over the course of an hour she discussed the inspiration behind both The Birth House and The Virgin Cure, and the research process involved for each book. I never realized before how both books were so connected to Ami's personal life! For example, the inspiration for The Birth House arose from Ami discovering that the house her family had moved into was once the home of the town's local midwife. The Virgin Cure, on the other hand, was inspired by her great great grandmother, who was one of the first female doctors in New York City. I wish I could repeat her entire lecture here for you, but there is no way I could do Ami's storytelling skills justice! Luckily, she has posted a brief rundown about the inspiration behind The Birth House and The Virgin Cure on her website, which I highly recommend you check out! All of you history geeks out there will eat it up!

In the blink of an eye Ami's talk was over and fans were lining up to get their books autographed. I probably could have sat there and listened to her tell stories for an entire day without getting bored! If Ami ever comes to talk somewhere near where you live you need to go and listen for yourself! And if you haven't read The Birth House or The Virgin Cure yet then get started! I can't wait to read whatever Ami McKay comes up with next! Until then, I'll be re-reading my prized autographed copies of her books which sit in places of honour on my bookshelf.


Jenny said...

Meeting one of your favorite authors is a blast! I'm glad you got to meet one of yours and way to go getting to have a sit down!

Chelsey said...

What a gorgeous story =). I am so happy you finally got to meet her! I know how much you love her work. It sounds like this was such a fabulous experience! I can just picture you with your eyes all lit up!

Shoshanah said...

I've haven't read either one, but after reading your posts about them, both of them have definitely made my want-to-read list.

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